Wealth, Worth and Well-Being

The Jagged Edge of Possibilities
an Emerging Futures™ retreat for women
The future of the world is in the hands of women.
Kofi Annan, United Nations

Sir Wilfred Laurier Suite
Things are changing – fast! Our traditional approaches to change and creating better lives for ourselves and the people we come in contact with are showing wear and tear at the edges. Our future does not depend on what we do so much as who we are about to become.

Our willingness and ability to redefine ourselves is essential to our rapidly transforming world. Whether at home, at work or in our communities, our capacity to engage in meaningful ways with others to create what we intend is directly related to our capacity to engage meaningfully with ourselves in the design of our own lives.

Emerging Futures™ and Evolution by Intention™ are powerful new frameworks within which to consider Wealth, Worth and Well-Being: Women’s Lives and Money as a metaphor for Resourcefulness and its implications for an expanded and accelerated way of making a difference. This experience of Wealth, Worth and Well-Being will be unlike any other you have had.

  • Grounded in a WEL-Systems® context and drawing on the results from more than 25 years of profound, accelerated and generative change, you’ll be guided, invited, prodded, challenged and engaged for discovery not only of who you are but perhaps more importantly, of who you are capable of becoming.
  • You’ll discover the implications of a Quantum Biological perspective on how we make choices, engage our strategies and manifest the results that we call living!

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The Approach:

Sir Wilfred Laurier Suite

In a setting at the exclusive private members Club, The Rideau Club, I have especially reserved the luxurious and spacious Sir Wilfred Laurier Suite for all our gatherings – it offers a metaphor for what awaits us in this inimitable 2-day women’s retreat.

Your surroundings will offer you a context for relaxing and unwinding, resulting in the creativity and innovation that come from letting go and making room for ‘more’.

You will discover the implications of a Quantum Biological perspective on how we make choices, engage our strategies and manifest the results that we call living.

You will get new information, new ideas and new insights into how to redefine and engage more powerfully for the outcomes you intend.

It is a paradigm shift and a different WEL-Systems® based, Emerging Futures™ conversation beyond the strategies and pep-talks.

In the company of others mindfully seeking this journey of discovery, your time will be filled with profound experiences and unique, facilitated conversations that will respectfully and gently press the edges of your awareness.

With activities that invite interaction as well as those that honour introspection, you’ll access thoughts and intentions that have always been there and yet, have been just outside your awareness. Life expands rapidly when we become able to access those deeper states of intuition and intention that are indeed, driving the bus!

The Process:

  • A pre-retreat one-on-one CODE Model Coaching™ conversation with Noreen to determine your interests, issues and concerns around Wealth, Worth and Well-Being, as you enter the 2-day retreat.
  • A post-retreat one-on-one CODE Model Coaching™ conversation with Noreen for private and individualized intensive coaching to integrate new discoveries and perspectives.
  • Optional, but highly recommended, body work (BSI Body/Spirit Integration) by Sheila Winter Wallace - Certified CODE Model Coach™, WEL-Systems® Institute Affiliate, WEL-Systems® Master Facilitator, and Creator of BSI – will be available to help you in reconnecting body to spirit. [There is an additional charge of $375 +HST per session for this service. Appointments must be booked in advance. Payment to be made directly to Sheila Winter Wallace.]

Once your Wealth, Worth and Well-Being experience is complete, ongoing access to Coaching and collective experiences will be available, as required.

Your Facilitator:

Noreen Mejias-Bennett

BA, MBA, CFP, CIM, FCSI, EPC, CSWP, Certified CODE Model Coach™, WEL-Systems® Institute Affiliate.

With her former background in finance and wealth management of over 25 years, and having been associated with the WEL-Systems® Institute for the past 12 years, Noreen brings a unique perspective to the process of guiding women along a journey of self-discovery and expansive, majestic living. She is a contributing author to two inspirational and motivational books — Sekhmet Rising: the Restlessness of Women’s Genius and Guardians of the Vision: Parenting for the Birthright of Potential. She is currently working on a third book entitled, The Jagged Edge of Possibilities.



Please contact Noreen Mejias-Bennett directly at 613-733-5725 or by e-mail at noreen@noreenmejias.com to register for the event and to book your pre-retreat one-on-one CODE Model Coaching™ conversation.

Please note that payment in full is required prior to your attendance.

Cheques are to made payable to:-

Noreen Mejias-Bennett
2025 Thistle Crescent
Ottawa, Ontario
K1H 5P4