Time to Take Action!

Are you open to more effective ways to juggle competing work/home/play demands? Are you looking for ways to better motivate yourself or your clients? Does your passion for life or work need a boost? Are you ready to enhance your personal or professional “relationship” skills? If these questions cause something inside you to stir, then now is the time for you to take action!

You’ve hit that “transition” point in your life. It can come from having experienced a life-altering event such as marriage or divorce; a birth or the death of a loved one; retirement, loss of job or health issues. It can also be a feeling – a sense of restlessness, a feeling that all is not well, that living is no longer meaningful or fulfilling. In the extreme, it can be a sense of panic without really understanding why. Often, it’s not about  money. We seem to have it all and yet, still hunger for that elusive something — pondering our purpose in life, questioning our raison d’etre. All of these point to the same conclusion: It’s time to get honest with yourself and discover what it takes to create a more meaningful, sustainable life!!

I’ve been where you are…..and found my way through to a more meaningful life!  I’ve discovered how to weave my years in the financial services industry, my huge interest in people and my own life experiences together, to create a life that allows me to have what I want AND contribute to others.  As a “Life Transition Coach”, I can help you find that for yourself.