Thank you for doing this show.  I talked to you on the phone about 3 years ago, not sure if you remember me. Just listened to your show and got so much from it. I am graduating from nursing in a couple weeks and this show bridged so many gaps for my own path in my own career. Out there, in the world. Your vibration is so amazing and inspiring for me to create my own path with such vitality. To dare to do it differently.
S. Witherall commenting on my Radio Podcast “Carving out a Meaningful Life”

Finally, someone I feel that I can talk to about my life’s needs . . . my requirements….. more importantly, I feel like I count. It is gratifying to know that I have found someone who has the resources to support me, but much more importantly, who shares my vision that money is only a part of the overall mix for creating a full, rich and nourishing life. Who would have thought that such acumen could be combined with a warm, caring, fun-loving and supportive personality?
G. McCauley

Indeed, our meeting at the recent luncheon was an invigorating experience. Obviously, you know how to challenge and trigger entrepreneurial spirit that is dormant in all us, even if we do not recognize it right away. Thank you . . . . you have awakened my intellectual curiosity.
G. Von Finkenstein

Wow – this absolutely resonates with me for so many reasons!!  Please keep me in mind for anything you are doing in future as I would certainly be interested.  As my evolution continues and progresses I am finding these connections even more important.
J. Tretina

You write with great clarity and conviction; and with the deep and undeniable authenticity of who you are.  And THAT, my friend, is a potent combination.  . . .  You are a wealth of information and a majestic invitation for others, to claim their own.
L. LeBrun

I am moved by the stories you tell and your personal philosophy and experience opening to living potential.  Your words have a great impact.
C. McL

Thank you ever so much . . . to have such inspiring words of encouragement brought tears to my eyes. I refer to it now and then as a reminder to keep moving forward. I sincerely appreciate it. Maybe this time I’ll sit back, take stock of my life and be humbled by my achievements.
D. Boulay