My contention is that there can be NO GROWTH while we are still in “the protection mode” of holding onto our limited thinking.  I firmly believe that it is our willingness to raise our level of thinking….to pause, to consider….that is the “pathway” home.  The solutions are not to be found in “quick answers”, but in our willingness to entertain, to ponder, to dare to consider and to be open to, new thoughts and ways of being.

More Snippets

For most, reading, listening, seeing “the message” is like standing on the side of the pool and wanting to swim.  They’ve all had the pep talk, they’ve all heard the motivational speaker, they’ve all been to see the therapist, they’ve all drunk the kool-aid and yet nothing changes.  When I am lit up I become the invitation for others to do the same…..”I want some of that” they say!   I take women into journeys that are familiar and unfamiliar; into nooks & crannies and possibilities they hadn’t even recognized or considered for themselves and, along the way, I journey with them so they are not alone.

Dare I be so bold, so cocky, so outrageous, so forthright, so audacious, so sharp, so precise, so “outstandingly different” with my Life?  The answer to this question is a resounding “yes, you bet ‘ya!”  It is all unfolding exactly as it should and I love it.

I am candid and passionate….and may even overwhelm at times.  I tell “the truth of my experience” and I’ve stopped apologizing for being ME.  It felt & still feels so very freeing and enlivening to do so.

With the utmost respect, integrity and generosity of spirit, I say to my clients and the women I engage with, it is “your Life, your journey, your exploration, your discoveries”.  In the final analysis, or at the end of the day, you must choose.  My role is to educate; to recontextualise, so that you get to know within the very fibre and essence of your being, that you really do have choice and that you can resourcefully, mindfully deal with whatever consequences may present as a result.

It is NOT about the money.  We seemingly have-it-all and yet “hunger” for more, having no real sense of what that “more” is.  We finally come to the realization that we can only distract ourselves with so much golf; so many world cruises; so many shopping expeditions; so much food; so much alcohol; so much plastic surgery; so much philanthropy and so much volunteer work.  It is a scary place, it seems, when we wake up to our lives that have become routine and habituated.

Life Lessons and Reflections . . . “If I had known then what I know now:-

  • I would have given myself the freedom to engage my life more fully with confidence and flare, and to ask for what I want. I would have paid more attention to my body’s own internal cues and “signals”, and trusted my innate ability to create and to design my own meaningful life.
  • I would have unhesitatingly stepped over my own limiting beliefs that much sooner and acknowledged to myself that what I create and have to share with others is truly meaningful and does make a difference. I would have welcomed and honoured the fact that my contribution to Life is what lights me up and gives me my raison d’etre!”

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