One-on-One Coaching

Personal life coaching will always be tailored to the individual, but here are some general ideas in terms of coaching scenarios:

  1. Dealing with Identity Crises due to loss of career, loss of spouse, loss of money, loss of health, etc
  2. Enhancing relationships whether they be personal or work-related
  3. Improving Your Overall Quality of Life


The purpose of a free consultation is to discover, together,  if I am the right resource to provide the assistance you need.

This initial consultation would cover such things as:

  • What is the Client looking for?
    • Why is the client here?
    • What does the client expect to get from a Life Transition Coach (expectations)
  • Who is Noreen Mejias-Bennett?
    • Background
    • Life Experiences (overview)
  • What is the role of a Life Transition Coach
    • Enabler
    • Travel Agent (on the journey of self-discovery)
    • Share my own experiences
  • Proposed process
    • Frequency and location of coaching sessions
    • Length of each coaching session
    • What homework is to be completed
    • Setting and revisiting of goals and objectives to determine progress
    • Rates and payment process
  • Do we have a Match/Fit?
    • If so, Admin Support to schedule first coaching session
    • If not, provide referrals if appropriate