Q: How can you tell that you’re “in transition”?

A:  This could be the result of a life-altering event or change such as birth, marriage, the death of a loved one, separation or divorce, retirement, job loss and so on.  Such events may stop us in our tracks, or call into question our way-of-being.

This could also be the result of our feeling a sense of restlessness, or “hunger calling”, despite us seemingly having-it-all.  We want more, yet have no idea what that more is? We seek to find answers to: Who am I? Who am I becoming? Why am I here? What is my purpose or raison d’être?


Q: How does what you do make a difference in my life?

A: I engage with my clients in ways that combine new and cutting-edge information with potent opportunities for growth and discovery.  Working with them, I create the safe space and meaningful experiences that invite and allow them to consider new notions of possibilities, change and new beginnings. The WEL-Systems® journey is an amazingly powerful and profoundly transformational expression of human potential.

– My time with you as facilitator /coach, is to educate, re-frame, and re-contextualize, (like a turn on the kaleidoscope) so that you get to really know, within the very fiber and essence of your being, that you really do have choices and that you can resourcefully and mindfully deal with whatever consequences may present. As a result, you get to mindfully choose and can create for yourself, the richly meaningful, sustainable, authentic life you desire and deserve. 


Q: What can I expect from participating in one of your sessions?

A: These opportunities are designed to empower you to create personal meaning, personal sustainability and personal authenticity for yourself, with those you care about and with your clients.

– This whole-person approach will contribute to ongoing physical and emotional wellbeing, leading to more timely and meaningful choices in your willingness and ability to continue to engage in your chosen field of practice.


Q. How are your sessions, experiences, retreats different?

A: They are opportunities to make time to experience a personal pause or time-out; to draw breath; and to really reflect upon what you are shaping and creating for yourself on the personal level … as advisors, as entrepreneurial thinkers, as parents, as spouses/partners, as friends … as human beings.

– They are opportunities to consider: who do you want to become in your life?  Beyond the titles, credentials, roles of parent, spouse, friend, etc, who does it call to you to become?  How do you want to shape your life as a reflection of that which is genuine and whole? What do you want to create in your life?


Q. Why would I want to go there … into the “personal”? Doesn’t that get messy?

A: So often personal is the gaping hole; the elephant-in-the-room that nobody wants to talk about. There is a distinction to be made between thinking and habit.

– Unless I am is willing to get personally comfortable with; to make friends with; to get honest with what’s really going on personally inside of me … owning it and claiming it, rather than shutting it down, dismissing it, numbing it, hiving it off, not willing to go there … then … all that is left becomes repetition and habit … like the hamster on a wheel, it keeps going around and around and around – and so do I!

– This is not good, bad, right or wrong … nevertheless, questions start to emerge over time such as: Why am I getting so stressed out? Why are my relationships with (children, spouse, parents, clients, friends, my business) not as fulfilling or as meaningful as before? Why is my body having these health issues? Why is my life seemingly falling apart?

– Change, innovation, creativity, new layers of discovery, a sense of wholeness/connectedness, all can come easily and effortlessly, when we are willing to engage and integrate new thoughts and ways of being: not merely with the intellect or talk therapy, but experienced in the body, in quantum leaps; instantaneously. It is about reclaiming the personal and the ALL that you are.

– With this new information, new skill-set, shift in perspective and way-of-being, we become willing and able to create & choose a more fulfilling, life-enhancing future for ourselves. A future that it is not limited or restricted by our thoughts of the past or the parameters of the intellect. Rather, having found/discovered a new place to stand, we come to have thoughts and make choices that pull & propel us forward into our very own ever-unfolding potential and future.