Noreen’s Writings

Vision, Voice and Choice

VISION, VOICE, CHOICE: ensuring that the future of the financial services industry includes women. When I was reflecting on the theme of an inaugural financial women’s newsletter, I paused to ponder upon the words “the future of the financial services industry”. As a woman in the field with more than 25 years of experience, I […]

Succession Planning

Succession Planning in Personal Life:   The term “succession planning” calls to mind the notion of passing on … making preparation for the next generation  … making provision for those who will follow. On a personal level, it calls to mind what type of legacy do I wish to leave behind for my children … the […]

Sekhmet Rising

Sekhmet Rising: the Restlessness of Women’s Genius, Chapter “Unleashed” written by Noreen Mejias Bennett This is a personal testimony of awakening, rediscovering, reclaiming and re-defining one’s life and business practice in order to create a meaningful, richly-rewarding and expansive life.

Holiday Season Savvy

In preparing for the Radio pod-cast which aired on December 2nd , 2010, and can be accessed via the audio link,  I share with you some of my thoughts on how to ensure that the joys of the holiday season do not become the regrets of the New Year. A) Be more Mindful with Money […]

An Integrated Lifestyle

I create a meaningful, sustainable life by: Remembering to stay focused and true to my intention. Remembering to visualize and to listen to my own “internal cues”. Remembering to engage fully in the moment. Remembering to communicate and involve my loved ones in my goals and dreams. Remembering to trust the wisdom of my own […]

Guardians of the Vision

IT’S NEVER TOO LATE by Noreen Mejias When I was invited to contribute to this body of work, at first I was taken aback and thought to myself, “Why me? I have never been pregnant. I have never given physical birth to another human being. What would I have to write about and contribute, anyway?” […]