Noreen’s Recordings

Wealth, Worth and Well-Being

Our willingness and ability to redefine ourselves is essential to our rapidly transforming world. Whether at home, at work or in our communities, our capacity to engage in meaningful ways with others to create what we intend is directly related to our capacity to engage meaningfully with ourselves in the design of our own lives. […]

Carving Out a Meaningful Life

Having been a very successful Wealth Advisor for many years, Noreen discovered –as she moved through yet another hectic and high-pressure day –that the sheen had faded from her successful life. In a breath,she knew that she could not continue doing what she was doing AND had no idea of how else to move through […]

The Currency of Consciousness

Although we have come to believe that the most powerful currency in our reality is what we call ‘money’,we are about to be offered the opportunity to consider that a far more potent currency is the currency of consciousness. Am I awake? Am I asleep? Or worse,am I in a coma? Is my consciousness one […]

Holiday Season Savvy

As the Holiday Season fast approaches,the oh-so-familiar dance begins! With each passing day,it seems that there is an increasing number of things to do in a rapidly decreasing timeframe,as the clock counts down to The Great Event…and we scramble to make it all happen for ourselves and others. This year,rather than consider notions of reducing […]

Evolution by Intention: Designing a Life

We know only too well that ‘reality’ shapes our lives;and that we must capitulate to the greater forces ‘out there’ that determine our fate. For some,that is an undeniable truth. And yet for others,it carries no more weight than that of an invitation or suggestion. We have been taught to believe that evolution is a […]