My Objectives

I am seeking to connect with other women like myself who are on similar journeys of exploration and discovery.  I would like to engage with them in conversation, to explore and discover how we can create a meaningful and sustainable life without having to make ourselves unwell, or fell stressed or trapped.

I would like to provide experiences that reframe the context: experiences that give a “turn on the kaleidoscope”; experiences that enable a shift in perception; experiences that facilitate and engage those provocative, compelling conversations so that people know they have a choice; they know how to flesh out solutions for themselves……experiences that empower them to create for themselves meaningful, sustainable, authentic lives.

My objectives are to help my clients to:

  • Build meaningful and sustainable relationships
  • Examine ways to inspire and encourage themselves and their clients so that they can still thrive even when faced with life-altering issues and concerns
  • Rekindle and re-ignite the passion for life and work despite our challenging, sceptical world
  • Be resourceful when constantly juggling competing demands of work/home/family
  • Grow and sustain their “quality of life” as well as that of those they care about most
  • Be curious about “the more”……the greater discoveries and possibilities that life has to offer