Noreen Mejias-Bennett

2013 WSI Affiliate


NOREEN MEJIAS-BENNETT,MBA,CFP,CIM,FCSI,EPC,CSWP –Certified CODE Model Coach™. With her background in finance and wealth management,Noreen brings a unique perspective to the process of guiding people along an awakened journey of self-discovery and expansive,majestic living. We often believe that the most powerful currency in our reality is money,but Noreen offers an opportunity to consider that a far more potent currency is that of consciousness…our ability to engage rather than reflect;to live rather than talk about life;to “be” rather than “do”. Noreen offers those who engage with her a much broader and more encompassing way to consider money,its presence and absences,and its implications for the quality of our lives.

Having invested heavily in her own personal development,Noreen has a deep understanding of what motivates people and believes whole-heartedly that everyone has a right to a fulfilling and life-enhancing future.

Noreen happily offers free consultations with prospective clients to determine if her approach,philosophy and objectives are a good match or a good fit with the client’s needs and expectations.

What is a Wel-Systems Institute Affiliate (WSI)? (taken directly from the Wel-Systems Institute Website)

The designation of WEL-Systems Institute Affiliate (WSI Affiliate) is extended by the WEL-Systems Institute and reserved for Certified CODE Model Coaches who:

  • Are choosing to work closely with the Institute for ongoing research and development;
  • Are committed to their continuing personal evolution as they stand at the leading edge of this constantly growing and evolving body of knowledge.
  • Are an active and visible part of a growing and highly contagious awakened collective!


These women are the pioneers. They are the living expression of the power of a new paradigm to transform their own lives, as they stand with others who are seeking to accelerate the transformation of theirs.

WSI Affiliates have chosen to create their worlds in a collective co-creation with each other and the Institute. Intersecting points of Light in a giant web of Life, as each stands alone – a unique expression of ongoing discovery of Self – they are also choosing to engage with each other and the Institute as part of a larger, living and growing whole, committed to their own evolution and that of the body of knowledge, for its own sake.

You can recognize your WSI Affiliate through a unique logo, embedded with her name and the current year of Affiliate status. As a living expression of this approach to accelerated evolution, Affiliates renew annually as a mindful choice to live large, live fully and live connected to themselves, each other and the Institute.

Choosing to engage in a WEL-Systems experience (program intensive, workshop or coaching) with an Institute Affiliate ensures that you will be in the presence of one who walks the talk. Each is profoundly committed to her own ongoing evolution for its own sake; is a living expression of what the body of knowledge offers; and is current with the latest thinking and accelerated evolutionary processes that the Institute has to offer.

You can also be assured that your best interests come first, working with you to identify the most potent experiences and compatible connection to awaken your potential and the desire to live it! WSI Affiliates work with you and each other to co-create the most provocative, compelling and life-growing opportunities for you to discover the ‘more’ that you already are. Living expressions of a non-competitive business model, WSI Affiliates are sourced by their own evolution, for its own sake; and are committed to ensuring your needs and interests lead the way in their recommendations for WEL-Systems programs, experiences and/or CODE Model Coaches.

WEL-Systems Institute Affiliates come with a wide range of unique backgrounds and personal interests. Blending specialized training with a WEL-Systems context for living, each offers a distinct experience, tailored to your desires and intentions. As different as each one is, what they all share is a passion for accelerated growth, discovery and authentic expression of Self through the gateway of the WEL-Systems body of knowledge.

Here’s what you can count on from your WEL-Systems Institute Affiliate:

  • Is a Certified CODE Model Coach committed to ongoing and regular contact with the Institute. This means they engage beyond the basic requirements for all CODE Model Coaches and choose perpetual evolution as a way of being.
  • Works hand-in-hand with the Institute to weave the insights and discoveries from their own evolution into the living, growing and expanding WEL-Systems body of knowledge; and is mutually sourced through ongoing participation in a variety of annual intensives as well as regular participation in quarterly gatherings of Affiliates to press the edges of their own evolution.
  • Participates in annual re-certification for progressive expansion of their awareness and skills in the CODE Model Coaching intensives, staying current with the latest developments.
  • Creates and facilitates Decloaking and Living Authentically – the introductory 5-day intensive for accelerated personal evolution – at least twice a year.
  • Offers WEL-Systems-based programs and CODE Model Coaching experiences through their unique services with their clients.
  • Shares their personal evoluton with others, contributing unique discoveries and insights through the co-creation of their own CD(s), as well as authorship in WEL-Systems Productions books.
  • Offers a range of WEL-Systems books/cd’s for easy and immediate access to ensure their clients have what they need to move forward with their own interests and intentions.
  • Contributes to their community by offering free gatherings (like Women Gathering or equivalent) for women who are seeking to discover how else they might live meaningfully and accelerate their personal evolution.
  • Has a strong web presence through their own websites, including active blogs; as well as their connection to the WEL-Systems Institute websites.