P. Noreen Mejias-Bennett, Author, Speaker. BA, MBA, CFP, CIM, FCSI, EPC, CSWP, Certified CODE Model Coach™, WEL-Systems® Institute Affiliate.

With her former background in finance and wealth management of over 25 years, and having been associated with the WEL-Systems® Institute for the past 12 years, Noreen brings a unique perspective to the process of guiding people along a journey of self-discovery and expansive, majestic living.

Noreen is a compelling speaker and writer and is a contributing author to two inspirational and motivational books. Sekhmet Rising: the Restlessness of Women’s Genius and Guardians of the Vision: Parenting for the Birthright of Potential. She is currently working on a third book entitled, Amazingly Different: Why it all Matters.

Noreen writes periodically for a leading financial magazine called Advisor’s Edge, a division of Rogers Media Inc., which has a distribution of over 100,000 readers. She also wrote a compelling, thought-provoking, expansive and in-depth article in response to ‘women in finance’ by the Guardian News and Media, UK.

Noreen works with women and women advisors on ways to be more resourceful in their own lives. She offers WEL-Systems® based leadership program experiences, emerging futures conversations and weekend retreats.

In 2012 she was invited to speak at the women advisors Investing in You conferences in Toronto and Vancouver, (200+ participants). She also has speaking engagements in Ottawa: The Jagged Edge of Possibilities as it relates to women and mental health issues – a different perspective and paradigm shift in thinking.

She is booked to speak at the Company of Women Ottawa Chapter in September 2012, on the topic Manifest a Meaningful Life and the Money Follows; later in December 2012 she is the facilitator for a program experience entitled The Tough Conversations – Suck it up Cupcake! Stifling Boundaries & Stuffing Rage.

Noreen is the keynote luncheon speaker on July 20, 2012 at the Halifax Club, Nova Scotia and will be conducting a 2-day weekend Emerging Futures™ program in Halifax, Nova Scotia entitled, The Jagged Edge of Possibilities: Wealth, Worth and Well-being – women’s lives and money as a metaphor for resourcefulness.

Noreen was nominated for the “Businesswoman of the Year Award” in Ottawa in January 2010. She is a member of the Rideau Club in Ottawa and sits on the Communications Committee. She is married to Squadron Leader H. Gordon Bennett.