About Me

I’ve spent much of my life in the field of finance. My previous roles as a very successful, highly-credentialed professional advisor, were very much centered around intelligence & information, and driven by the realm of logic, reason, analysis, and understanding.

Being professional for me meant shutting down the body (the personal side of me) and using only my head and the limiting parameters of my intellect, ensuring that the personal, did not interfere with the intellectual. I got very adept at masking my feelings, shutting down and dismissing the emotions, getting on with the task and trying to run my life on autopilot. I allowed myself to be lulled into thinking and feeling that what I was creating for myself was fulfilling. This way of being lost its appeal over time, became unsustainable (my body became unwell), and was missing something critical.

The paradox is that when I went to work, I could not just leave my body at home (the deeply personal side of me: my private thoughts, my feelings, my emotions) and try to operate and function in an automated and clinical manner, as if I were not a living, breathing, evolving, organic, human being.  As much as my very analytical thinking-side may have served me for many years, I instinctively knew that that was only one small aspect of me. I was restless inside and felt there had to be so much more to my life. I came to conclude that my life was incomplete, and in need of a more expansive, life-enhancing way to move through my daily life. I came to discover that something was missing and what was missing was me: the authentic, whole, fully-connected presence of – ALL of ME.

Should you be looking to re-design your life, to discover something NEW about your inner self, that will leave you wanting to discover more, then I urge you, to take and make the time to connect with me, to explore the possibilities of how else you might chose to live your life today.  Whether you may think your life is broken or that something is wrong; whether it is that you’re looking to solve a problem in your life, or whether you are looking to open a door, to tap into your own unique potential, I welcome the opportunity to engage in this exploration-for-discovery, with you.

One thing I’ve learned through my own evolution is that I no longer have to do things alone.  I know what it is to think to yourself, all seems well or fine, and yet you have (like I did), that sense of restlessness, borne by intuition, instinct, that sense of knowingness and wonderment, that feels like, there must be more to my life than the one I’m living now.

If this also rings through to you, then, you’ve come to the right place.

Should you be eager to engage in your own journey of discovery; should you have a sense of curiosity and be willing to re-awaken to a new way of being; should you be willing to open your mind and to explore what else life has to offer, in a way that allows you to SLOW DOWN … to draw breath, that you may savor and revel-in, how else your life might be lived, then, I look forward to beginning this new, exciting, life-enhancing – a very different journey, with you.

I invite and encourage you to explore the various aspects of my website, to see what “calls to you”.

I stand firmly, on the WEL-Systems® platform and body of knowledge, having been exposed to the material and incorporated it into my practice and life, since 2000. As a well-trained, highly skilled professional: an Affiliate of the Institute, I bring a unique perspective to the process of guiding you along an awakened journey of your own self-discovery and expansive, majestic living.

As you will see, there is material for you to read and listen-in to before engaging with me. Doing so, allows you to explore at your own pace and in the privacy of your own thoughts, the direction that will best serve your desired outcomes.  From that new shared start-point, we walk together into the unknown, yet knowing that you’re in good hands and in the best of care, as I bring to bear great comfort and confidence, (from having been there myself), to our experiences together.  The material allows us to launch and accelerate the process, your experiences, and the outcomes of desirable change in your life.

I am always so amazed by how easy and effortless it is, for those who have been willing to make the time, to accelerate their journey of creating a richly, meaningful, sustainable and authentic Life, for themselves.

We may retire from work, but we never retire from our ever-evolving, ever-expanding, ever-unfolding lives. There is always more to discover about ourselves, if we choose to allow it.