An Integrated Lifestyle

I create a meaningful, sustainable life by:

  1. Remembering to stay focused and true to my intention.
  2. Remembering to visualize and to listen to my own “internal cues”.
  3. Remembering to engage fully in the moment.
  4. Remembering to communicate and involve my loved ones in my goals and dreams.
  5. Remembering to trust the wisdom of my own body (that place inside myself) and what’s truly important to me.
  6. Remembering to do what works best for me, regardless of criticism from others.
  7. Remembering who I am. I am creative, resourceful and powerful with the ability to shape, design and create the life of my own choosing.
  8. Remembering that although there are consequences to my choices that the alternatives of compromise and capitulation can take a detrimental toll on my body.
  9. Remembering that working too much is a special challenge for me. The number of hours “worked” does not always equate to results. It is the amount of passion and clarity that I bring to each day that leads to results.
  10. Remembering that I am not small, puny, helpless nor a victim.
  11. Remembering that I always have the dignity of choice.
  12. Remembering that I am not alone.
  13. Remembering to mindfully choose to step into my own potential, despite the chaos, the uncertainty or misgivings, in order to continue to grow, evolve and thrive.
  14. Remembering to exhale and breathe, to hold my head up, to keep eyes wide open, to relax and soften my belly so that the waves of energy and information-in-flow (my emotions) are able to move in my body and be digested and transformed.  As a result, new, innovative, unforeseen, seemingly “magical” solutions and insights present themselves to me for consideration.
  15. Remembering that my life is not about finding or having all the answers or about doing the right thing. Rather, my life is about being: being courageous to tell myself the truth about my experiences; being honest with myself that, by my choices that I have made, and by my reactions and my beliefs, I have created it all.


Posted on: July 8th, 2011 by Noreen Mejias-Bennett No Comments