Guardians of the Vision

IT’S NEVER TOO LATE by Noreen Mejias

When I was invited to contribute to this body of work, at first I was taken aback and thought to myself, “Why me? I have never been pregnant. I have never given physical birth to another human being. What would I have to write about and contribute, anyway?” All notions based upon my perceived view of parenting. Did I really have anything to write and to say on the topic? I toyed with the idea and eventually dismissed it.

Some weeks later, I read the Foreword that Louise LeBrun had written. After reading just the second paragraph, ‘something’ awakened in me and beckoned, propelling me forward. The pull was so strong that I was lost in my world of reflection for over an hour; all this after just reading those two paragraphs. The words: boundless potential that we all are; parenting as a context for accelerated evolution; parenting as a safe space within which the biological imperative of growth can easily unfold and express in ourselves; parenting to become guardians and facilitators and invitations to greatness; parenting to become the seed of potential, that sources tomorrow spoke to something deep inside me.

The ‘something’ that awakened was ME! Glorious, brilliant and imperfect Me. Me awakening again and lusting to engage again in my own Life! I literally shook and shuddered as waves of emotion and energy washed over me. The palms of my hands and my underarms started to perspire: I felt drenched. I was so moved that I wept. As the tears rolled down my cheeks, I remembered to inhale and to exhale and to take great big gulps of air. I remembered to lift my head up and to remove my hands that were covering my eyes. I remembered to keep my eyes wide open as the waves of energy washed over me again and again. And in the aftermath and stabilization of my body came the quiet calm. And then the welcomed insights and wisdom came flooding into my sense of awareness.

I remembered my own biological imperative to grow. I remembered my need to expand, my need to create and my need to explore. I remembered my hunger to live and to be fully alive. I remembered my passion to be unleashed and to reclaim and to fervently embrace the limitless possibilities of my own birthright.

Now, on reflection, my old limiting belief of only giving birth as a definition of what it was to be a parent flew out the window and dissipated. I realized that ownership and bloodlines had nothing to do with parenting and guardianship. I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I, too, had something I wanted to say and to acknowledge and to honor: first to mySelf and then out loud to the wider audience of the Reader.

I feel very passionately that I am one of the “Guardians of the Vision” and my mission, on this watch, is to eke out and to awaken the potential in myself and in others, no matter what the age! That, for me, is my contribution to PARENTING; and in so doing, I feel that I have made a conscious, mindful contribution. I have engaged in Life and allowed my world and theirs to expand majestically.

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